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Is it true that homes built today use less electricity than similar homes built just 20 years ago?
Yes, with new technology and modern building codes, homes built today are designed to perform better by using less energy — and they deliver.  Capitol Homes is now putting LED lighting (as a standard feature) in the closets, over the kitchen sink and in the pantry.  LED Lights last longer and use less energy.  Imagine not having to change a light bulb for 18 years!

EnergyHomeThermoPlyDo all builders use the same standards?
Excellent question. Although building codes have improved in many areas — and all builders must build to these codes — not all homebuilders build to the same standards. Some build to the code minimums, but at Capitol Homes, we’ve designed all of our new homes to meet our own, higher Entelligent Home™ Standards.

What are the standards for an Entelligent Home?
telligent Homes combine a number of new technologies — from the foundation all the way to the roof — in innovative ways. Our homes are the only new homes in Middle Tennessee built to this unique set of standards. Entelligent Home standards were formulated by Capitol’s team of design experts with the goal of reducing the energy consumption of every new Capitol Home by 20 to 30 percent, when compared to the exact same home plan we built just 3 years ago.  We are also thinking about how we dispose of materials on the job site by providing recycle bins.

EnergyHomeTechShield1What are some of the design features that make an Entelligent Home different from other homes?
First, we use Weyerhauser’s Radiant Barrier Sheathing. These are panels that are on the very top of the home, just underneath the shingles. Weyerhauser’s Radiant Barrier Sheathing blocks the radiant heat from entering the attic area. The panels reflect all of that heat back out, away from the house. This product can reduce cooling costs by as much as 20%. Then, we use Low-E Windows from Pennco.

What exactly are Low-E Windows?
These windows are designed with a small layer of reflective metal which allows in solar heat while preventing it from escaping. Using Low-E windows in our Entelligent Home designs, our goal is to reduce the energy loss associated with windows by 50%.

EnergyHomeCrawl2What are some of the other components to the Entelligent Home design?
We also use insulated Thermoply wall insulation panels, and conditioned crawl spaces in our homes that don’t have basements.

‘Conditioned Crawl Space’? What is that?
Well imagine a basement home, where the basement is only 3 feet tall. A conditioned crawl space is when you seal up the crawl space from all exterior elements — cold, heat and moisture. Then we push in air from the heating and cooling system, which reduces energy use, protects the foundation from the elements and prevents mold from forming in the cool damp air.

EnergyHomeHVACAnd all this adds up to pretty big savings on utility bills, I would imagine…?
Absolutely. That’s why we call our Entelligent Home “the Home that Pays You Back.” Remember, our Entelligent Home standards were formulated by our team of design experts with the goal of reducing the energy consumption of a Capitol Entelligent Home by 20 to 30 percent — that’s a substantial savings, year in and year out. You can learn more about our exclusive Entelligent Home technologies, or just ask us a question by dropping us a line, or calling us at 615.589.3190.



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Capitol Homes was able to give us the look we wanted without exceeding our budget. Our friends who have build custom homes told us to expect to go over budget by 10 to 20 percent … I say that should have chosen David Luecke and Capitol Homes. Capitol completed our new home under budget, and gave us more than we expected.Todd Kornblit