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Benefits of an Energy Efficient Home

January 14, 2019 Published by

Benefits of an Energy Efficient Home

Choosing an energy efficient home benefits the owner as well as the environment. Every energy-saving feature built into the home helps reduce utility bills. Capitol Homes go one step further to exceed the industry standard in its new homes.

RESNET, or the Residential Energy Services Network, created the HERS system to measure the energy use of residential buildings. HERS stands for Home Energy Rating System and it establishes a score that shows how energy efficient a home is. The lower the score, the more efficient the home.

The typical existing home is rated at 130 on the HERS scale. Most standard new homes rate a 100 on the scale. By contrast, new homes built by Capitol Homes score 75 on the scale. For even better efficiency, Capitol now offers homes built with a “ZIP” system that achieve a score of 65. These homes are greater than 30% more energy efficient than the average new home.

So why should you care about a low HERS score? It helps you save money! A more energy-efficient home means lower utility bills. Your home will be cheaper to cool in summer and heat in winter.

Capitol Homes achieves this efficiency by using specific building components and techniques.

These include:

  • Weyerhauser radiant barrier sheathing under the roof shingles to block the sun’s heat from penetrating into the attic.
  • Pennco Low-E windows let light in but reflect the sun’s heat away from interior rooms. They also keep heated indoor air from escaping through the windows.
  • ZIP System or Therma Ply wall sheathing covers the house with moisture and air barrier to keep the conditioned air inside the house and the hot or cold air outside.
  • Taping around windows and sealing HVAC ducts helps to keep conditioned indoor air where it belongs.

Capitol Homes pays close attention to detail when building a new home. We carefully choose and install the right elements to create optimum energy efficiency in every home we build.

Capitol Homes has been building custom new homes in Nashville TN & surrounding areas such as Hendersonville TN, Franklin TN, and Mt. Juliet TN since 1992. Call today to inquire about available homes for sale or to start building your dream home today at 615.589.3190!

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