The Building Process

1) First Things First

  • Create a Capitol Homes, Inc. File at home. We will email you a copy of all documents, change orders and payments. In addition, we will include Rodney Wilds with F&M Mortgage, Midtown Title and all realtors involved. If you have selected a different mortgage lender please make sure a copy of all documents get to them.
  • Mark your calendar with payment due dates. Capitol Homes, Inc. will send calendar invites when the contract is signed reminding you when payments are due. Simply accept the invitations to have reminders set-up in your personal calendar.
  • Join the Capitol Homes Online Community by Liking and Following us on Facebook.
  • If you haven’t already been pre-approved for a mortgage, please make an appointment with Rodney Wilds at F&M Mortgage ( This is especially important if you have
    purchased a home that is near completion.
  • Make sure all your initial paperwork is complete and escrow is paid. This includes: Contract, Option Summary, Color Selections, Kitchen Island Design and an escrow check made payable to
    Midtown Title.

2) Your Home Starts Construction

  • Meet with Metro Carpets about flooring. This appointment is scheduled M-F during business hours. It usually takes about ninety minutes at Metro Carpet located at: 1525 Elm Hill Pike,
    Nashville, TN 37210. Capitol Homes will work with you to set up this appointment.
  • Meet with Flex Alarm about low voltage. This appointment is scheduled M-F during business hours. It usually takes less than an hour and takes place at the Delvin Downs Estates Model Home. Flex Alarm will contact your directly about this appointment.
  • OPTIONAL – Meet with Hermitage Lighting Gallery. You will only meet with them if you would like to select upgraded lighting. You may call and make this appointment on your own
    (615) 843-3300. They are located at 531 Lafayette St, Nashville, TN 37203.
  • Change Orders. For every change you make there is a change order. Please make sure all of your changes are made early in the process. Payment is required when the change order is submitted.
  • Allowance Adjustment. After your flooring and Low Voltage appointments, you may need to sign an allowance adjustment. This adjustment will reflect the allowance amounts and new
    price of your home (higher or lower) depending on the selections you made for your home. Although most customers roll any additional cost into their mortgage some chose to pay Capitol
    Homes directly.
  • We hate mistakes. So make sure all your choices are finalized before your Builder Orientation.
  • Builder Orientation. This is your chance to meet the onsite supervisor and confirm all selections. Changes made after this meeting may require an additional builder deposit. Once this
    meeting takes place, changes should be finished.

3) During Construction

  • We e-mail pictures of your house weekly! This is a great way to watch your home even if you can’t make it out to the neighborhood. We encourage you to share these pictures with
    families and friends on social media.
  • Feel Free to Visit your Home. For safety purposes, please do not cross the curb without a Capitol Homes Team Member present.

4) Construction is Finished

  • Home Orientation. About 45 to 60 days before your house is complete, Larry Hasty will set-up a customer orientation with you. This is where you learn about everything in your home and
    can ask any questions about the functionality of your home.
  • Home Inspection. If you plan to hire an inspector, please schedule two days before the Home Orientation.
  • Switch Gas, Electric and Water into your name after Home Orientation. If utilities are not in your name on the day you close there may be an interruption in service.
  • Closing Day. This is the big day! Bring your money and get your keys! Midtown title will give you wiring instructions to get your funds there on time. Closings are held at Midtown Title, located at 1704 Charlotte Ave #105, Nashville, TN 37203.

5) Once You Move In

  • Professional Warranty Service Corporation Account. Your new home comes with a 10 year warranty. You will get an email connecting you to this online account. Use it to set-up service
    reminders, upload documents, store pictures and more.
  • MJ Frick Company Maintenance Agreement. Your new home HVAC comes with a new equipment inspection 6 months after your closing date! This visit is covered as part of your new home
    purchase with Capitol Homes, Inc.
  • Wayne’s Environmental – Your home comes with a Termite treatment and a one year warranty. At the end of the first year in your home you will be contacted to renew. Take advantage of
    continued protection on your home.

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Customer Testimonials

Capitol Homes was able to give us the look we wanted without exceeding our budget. Our friends who have built custom homes told us to expect to go over budget by 10 to 20 percent … I say that they should have chosen David Luecke and Capitol Homes. Capitol completed our new home under budget and gave us more than we expected.Todd Kornblit