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Welcome to the Capitol Homes, Inc. Customer Care Center. All of our Capitol Homeowners enjoy a 24/7 warranty service program unmatched in Middle Tennessee. If something’s not right, we want to know about it and will work quickly to provide our homeowners with great service and complete satisfaction.

If you are a Capitol Homeowner and wish to submit a Customer Care Service Request, simply fill out the form below or call our 24-hour Customer Care Line at 615-589-3190.

If this is an emergency* please refer to the emergency number stickers inside your kitchen cabinets and call the appropriate contractor AND Capitol Homes at 615-589-3190.

* Please refer to your homeowner’s manual for a complete definition of “emergency”.

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Customer Testimonials

Capitol Homes was able to give us the look we wanted without exceeding our budget. Our friends who have built custom homes told us to expect to go over budget by 10 to 20 percent … I say that they should have chosen David Luecke and Capitol Homes. Capitol completed our new home under budget and gave us more than we expected.Todd Kornblit