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The Best Time to Buy a House in Tennessee

September 10, 2021  |  Published by

The winter months are often the best time to buy a home in Tennessee for several reasons, including: Sellers are more willing to negotiate More homes to choose from in the post-holiday winter months In years past, Tennessee has often been overlooked by those looking for a change of scenery. However, in more recent times,... Read More »

Best Places to Live in Tennessee

July 23, 2021  |  Published by

Tennessee is a great place to live, whether you prefer a city that never stops or a quiet country paradise. Here are some areas to consider if you’re looking to move to the Volunteer State. Each of Tennessee’s three grand regions has something unique to offer. Nashville has something to offer everyone who wants to... Read More »

What to Expect When Going from an Apartment to a House

June 14, 2021  |  Published by

If you’ve spent the last few years living in an apartment, and you’re finally ready to move into a house, here are two things to know to make the transition as smooth as possible. You will need a plan for lawn care that includes mowing, weeding, and irrigation. You will also need a plan for... Read More »

Down Payment Assistance Programs: How to Find Help to Buy a Home

May 4, 2021  |  Published by

Getting into a new home may be easier than you think with the variety of down payment assistance programs available. Specialized mortgages can reduce the size of the required down payment. Some programs give you cash to apply toward your down payment. Down Payment Assistance When you’re buying a home, coming up with a down... Read More »

How Much Do You Need for a Down Payment on a House?

March 31, 2021  |  Published by

A down payment is an amount you pay up front toward the purchase price of a house. How much you need for a down payment depends on your lender and what type of mortgage you are seeking. For many people, a home is the largest purchase they’ll make in a lifetime. A decision that significant... Read More »

How Long Does it Take to Build a House?

March 10, 2021  |  Published by

Many factors affect how long it takes to build a home. Capitol Homes can help you evaluate all your options and how long each will take. Building a home takes a great deal of planning long before construction even begins. One of the things to consider is how long it will take to build the... Read More »

How to Build A House on Your Own Lot

February 23, 2021  |  Published by

  Building a home on your land has some advantages over buying an existing home. Whether building a home is right for you depends on your situation. How Do You Build a House on Your Own Property? You have a piece of land out in the country or a lot in a city you love... Read More »

Types of Mortgages

June 15, 2020  |  Published by

A mortgage loan allows you to enjoy your dream home. At Capitol Homes, we assist you in selecting and completing the ideal loan option for your home-building situation. Compare these five common types of mortgages today to discover how you can get started affordably building your dream home. Conventional Mortgages Many mortgages fall under the... Read More »

Community Profile: Oak Hall

February 16, 2020  |  Published by

The Oak Hall community of homes in Mt. Juliet TN offers the perfect blend of an established neighborhood with brand new homes containing the latest technology and energy-saving features. Building new memories in a new community is always exciting and Oak Hall is no exception. We at Capitol Homes are excited to announce the grand... Read More »

Capitol Homes Announces Spring Sell-ebration

January 5, 2020  |  Published by

Capitol Homes is hosting a Spring Sell-ebration that includes a $7K Giveaway for its new homes in Nashville TN. We’re offering $7,000 in extras when you buy a Capitol home in February and March 2020. Best of all, you choose the extras that you want! Enhance your new home with hardwood floors, an upgraded kitchen... Read More »

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Capitol Homes was able to give us the look we wanted without exceeding our budget. Our friends who have built custom homes told us to expect to go over budget by 10 to 20 percent … I say that they should have chosen David Luecke and Capitol Homes. Capitol completed our new home under budget and gave us more than we expected.Todd Kornblit